Winners India Tour is hosted by Mr Shashikant Khamkar who is the CEO and founder of Winners Life Training and Consultancy. Mr Shashikant, with an experience of more than 25 years as a business coach, has single-handedly shaped the lives of thousands of entrepreneurs in their journey to success.

Mr Shashikant aims at helping individuals realize their true potential and helps them to reach their desired goal with the help of spiritual healing therapy. He believes that an individual is inherently good and it should be put to maximum use to uplift one’s business success. Winners India Tour is just another of his many initiatives to drive individuals towards their goal and help them with techniques and secrets to uplift their business.

Winners India Tour is an intense business training programme that aims at enabling participants to identify, explore and engage with their inner potential in order to achieve path-breaking success in the field of business. The programme offers an opportunity to budding with established entrepreneurs to build their business network.

What you will learn:

  • To identify, explore and reorient your belief system

  • Techniques to execute high work performance

  • Secret of building successful teams

  • Secret to move ahead of your competitors and rivals

  • Techniques to help the business grow

  • Techniques regarding marketing and management

  • Customer service and strategy planning

Enroll and learn how to be a successful entrepreneur and build your business network. Our joy resides in your success.

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