Krishna Janmashtami

About the Event

Join us for a transformative 2-day residential spiritual workshop focused on the healing techniques guided by 7 angels, led by the esteemed spiritual business coach, Shri Shashikant Khamkar.

During this enlightening workshop, you’ll discover how to:

Form a profound connection with the 7 angels: Participants will learn techniques to establish a deep and meaningful connection with the spiritual guidance of seven angels. This connection can provide insights, guidance, and support on their spiritual journey.

About Shri Shashikant Khamkar

Shri Shashikant Khamkar stands as a respected spiritual business coach, renowned for guiding countless individuals towards their personal and professional triumphs. With a wealth of authored publications and widespread media recognition, his expertise shines brightly.

As a highly sought-after speaker and workshop leader, Shri Shashikant Khamkar passionately aids people in connecting with their authentic selves and embarking on their most fulfilling journeys.

Embrace and Harness their Healing Energy

Attendees will discover methods to welcome and utilize the healing energy channeled by these angels. This energy can promote physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

Utilize this energy for self-healing and aiding others

Participants will be taught how to direct the healing energy towards themselves for personal healing as well as channel it to support others in their healing journeys.

Materialize your aspirations effectively

Techniques will be shared to help individuals manifest their desires and aspirations more effectively, using the guidance and energy provided by the angels.

Cultivate a more enriching and satisfying life

Through the teachings of the workshop, attendees will gain tools to enhance their overall life satisfaction by aligning with the healing energy, insights, and guidance of the angels.

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This workshop warmly welcomes everyone keen on delving into the realm of spiritual healing to enhance their lives. No prior experience is required.

To secure your spot, kindly visit our user-friendly website at or reach us via phone at [phone number]. We are eagerly anticipating your presence!

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We eagerly look forward to welcoming you to this life-changing event.