The healing with 7 Angels programme is one of the most powerful healing programmes at Winners. People have been experiencing divine touch and healing of seven angels. The programme is hosted by Mr Shashikant Khamkar, who will lead you through illuminated spiritual journey and will guide you through powerful meditation that can change your life forever. These Angels have specific purposes and can help you with various life issues.
Mr Shashikant Khamkar is an experienced Angel Therapist and has successful experiences in connecting people to the divine angelic power and illumination.

Many have experienced positive changes in their life after having attended the programme, and have testified about it. Many claimed to have experienced surreal energy and being lifted into the air. People claimed to have a positive experience under Mr Shashikant’s guidance and the energy from the 7 angels.

Healing with 7 Angels received huge response on 31st August, where a huge audience revived themselves with divine energy after having attended the programme. People have experienced being lifted up into the air and feeling completely light.
If you are experiencing any kind of problem, don’t wait; enroll with our programme and experience change and the touch of your guardian angel.

Enroll and learn how to be a successful entrepreneur and build your business network. Our joy resides in your success.

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