Business Warriors Business Training programme is designed to help both a budding and established entrepreneurs to develop leadership skills and reach the desired goals.

Mr Shashikant Khamkar is the CEO and founder of Winners Life Training and Consultancy. Mr.Khamkar has more than 25 years of experience as a business leader and is responsible for shaping and changing the lives of thousands of entrepreneurs in their journey to achieve success. He understands that business is a war and you’ll need to be prepared to fight this war efficiently.

This extensive business training programme is hosted by Mr Shashikant Khamkar, an experienced Spiritual Business Coach who provides solution to modern business problem with the essence of spirituality.

The programme is conducted in 24 sessions for a period of 1 year for the purpose of grooming every participant for the Business world. What sets this apart from other programmes in the industry is that every participant gets personal attention for the sole reason of providing enhanced learning experience. You will also get the opportunity to connect with other entrepreneurs and build your business network.

What will you learn?

  • Business Scaling
  • Leadership skills
  • Business Management
  • Staff Management
  • Create a Business vision
  • Raising funds from investors
  • Relationship marketing
  • Opportunity multiplication
  • Basic Business etiquettes
  • Negotiation Strategies
  • Wealth Creation
  • Team building

Register for a life changing one year of extensive business training and emerge successful in the business world.

Fees Structure: 7 Lakh + GST

Enroll and learn how to be a successful entrepreneur and build your business network. Our joy resides in your success.

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