Are you losing focus and looking for motivation? Are you completely drained out mentally and physically without a way out? Are you looking to break free from addictions? Here’s good news for you!

Inner Journey is a three day powerfully engaging event hosted by Mr Shashikant Khamkar, a spiritual business coach, who has helped people attain happiness and health with the help of spiritual healing techniques.

Mr Shashikant will help you apply amplified spiritual therapy to help you get rid of any mental or physical stress and illness. This therapy has no side effects and will help you feel refreshed and free of stress.

Come and be a part of this three day event for complete transformation and refreshment!

What more will you gain?

  • Encounter an advanced level of the greatest spiritual breakthrough

  • Experience immense connect with your inner self

  • Connect greatly with your subconscious brain

  • Cleanse and balance your aura and harmonize your mental energy in a positive manner

  • Experience a great rise in positive vibration energy of the body

  • Learn to aid your body with deep relaxation techniques to experience calm

  • Quit any form of existing addictions

  • Accelerate self healing abilities

Ignite eternal bliss in this 3 day event that happens twice a year for immense happiness and a joyful life. Connect with us to know more.

Enroll and learn how to be a successful entrepreneur and build your business network. Our joy resides in your success.

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