Spiritual Business Coach & a Motivational Speaker founder of Winners Life Training & Consultancy. With over 10 certifications he has authored 27 books. His expertise has empowered & inspired more than 1 million individuals through training & motivation.

About Me

Shashikant Khamkar is a spiritual business coach and founder of Winners Life Training & Consultancy.

Coming from a low economic background was always ambitious. A passionate learner and learning’s from different coaches ignited a thought process to work on the learning’s and to articulate whether the formulas really work. Worked meticulously on the same and it did really worked. This created a strong belief in him that if” I can succeed then everyone can”.

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At the core of his vision lies the idea of unleashing divine energy that resides within each individual, guiding them towards self-discovery and positive transformations.


His vision of transforming lives of people and making India a economically stable country lead him to a different path of spirituality and learned if spirituality is imbibed in peoples mind and soul every individual can get bliss and also be wealthy and enjoy life. It is not necessary to be born with a golden spoon, but everyone has potential to make golden spoon. And therefore took up responsibility of helping people to become happy, healthy and wealthy.


His passion to know more and give and belief that knowledge and skills are the very much necessary to create value and respect in peoples mind, and then only people shall be ready and willing to acquire knowledge from him made him learn different skills. He is a Motivational Speaker, Spiritual Healer, Leadership Trainer, Spiritual Business Coach, NLP Trainer, Tarot Card Reader, Mind and Memory Trainer, Hypnotist, Numerologist, Graphologist, Angel Therapist, Reiki Master, Pranic Healer, Drawing Analyzer and also Past Life Regression Specialist. He uses spirituality to enhance the delivering of motivational messages for those who are in search of a better life. He has been helping people connect with and illuminate their inner soul by the awakening of their conscious minds using the essence of spirituality. He trains people to deal with modern life problems with the help of spiritual healing.

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He is one of the most promising Spiritual Business Coaches who aims at changing lives by motivating them to rise above the hustle and bustle of daily life. In today’s era, the competition is real and the need for motivation depends on an individual. He, aims towards helping individuals motivate themselves thereby pushing them towards discovering happiness, health and wealth for prosperous and joyful living.


To support the mission of Hon’ble Prime Ministers dream of Atmanirbhar Bharat, started coaching individuals and group to DREAM BIG, He has not only guided ordinary individuals but also to businessman who has already succeeded in business to contribute and spend time in helping people with a Mission of “Joy of Giving” helping various organisations. This Joy of Giving is conducted on every 4th Saturday of every calendar month and nearly 300-500 social workers gather to help others.


To bring back our old and forgotten traditions of India, have started a school at Satara where education is free and students are also taught about Indian traditions and cultures. His next goal is to establish a Divine University at Lonavala to teach and train students and elders about our forgotten cultures.

He was carrying out these activities in physical, The corona pandemic forced people to change their mindset and education now became online. He is not well known in the digital market, and now is entering the new arena with an intensified mission of reaching to larger crowd.

What People Say

Uses spirituality to enhance the delivering of motivational messages for those who are in search of a better life

Life took a new turn after attending mano ya na mano. completely cured various health issues due to Parkinson syndrome with the help of healing technques.
Mr Anant Bhalekar, President of Maharashtra Vyapari peth
Hotel business was in our family. But it was going on in the traditional way. After coming in contact with Khamkar sir, there was a huge change in the vision of doing business. He plays a major role in spreading the taste of Hotel Ballaleshwar's dishes far and wide.
Mr.Vijay Gawde, Ballaleshwar group
The meditations taught in Inner journey is really powerful and as many people should benefit from it. I have shown power of meditation to about 27-28 people by charging the mobile with just hands and even the non-believers were amazed.
Dr Aseemkumar Jain, Chief engineer,Nuclear power corporation
There was disbelief in the begninng but Mano ya na mano really helped me treat many patients. A patient's failed kidney started working 95% after healing.You have to believe in miracles.
Dr Yogesh Tandel, Radiologist and Ultrasonologist