Spiritual Business Coach & a Motivational Speaker founder of Winners Life Training & Consultancy. With over 10 certifications he has authored 27 books. His expertise has empowered & inspired more than 1 million individuals through training & motivation.

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Shashikant Khamkar is a spiritual business coach and founder of Winners Life Training & Consultancy.

Coming from a low economic background with an ambition to succeed. The need for learning and seeking guidance from different coaches determines his consistent improvement. Having a strong belief that anyone can succeed with hard work, dedication, and the right approach. This mindset is a powerful motivator for not only for achieving own goals but also for inspiring and helping others to succeed in their endeavors.

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At the core of his vision lies the idea of unleashing divine energy that resides within each individual, guiding them towards self-discovery and positive transformations.


His transformative vision is focused on improving the lives of people in India and promoting economic stability in the country through the lens of spirituality. The belief is that by instilling spirituality in people’s minds and souls, every individual could attain happiness, wealth, and a fulfilling life. This combination of spirituality and personal empowerment is a powerful catalyst for positive change in the lives of many people.


His passion is to have diverse set of skills and commitment to acquiring knowledge and expertise, His belief is that knowledge and skills are essential for creating value and earning respect in people’s minds is a powerful guiding principle. His skills includes but not limited to starts with motivational speaking and leadership training to spiritual healing and numerology, demonstrating a holistic approach to personal development and growth. Assisting individuals in different aspects of their lives, whether it’s finding motivation, enhancing leadership skills, or seeking spiritual guidance. This dedication to continuous learning and diverse skill set makes him a valuable resource for those seeking personal and spiritual growth, motivation, and guidance in their lives.

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He is a Spiritual Business Coach who focuses on motivating people to improve their lives and achieve happiness, health, and wealth. He is recognized as having great potential and expertise in the field of spiritual coaching for businesses and individuals with his primary goal to bring about positive transformation in people’s lives by emphasizing on the importance of motivation, especially in a highly competitive world. He recognizes that motivation varies from person to person and needs to be tailored to suit the individual’s needs. He guides individuals towards achieving a balanced and prosperous life by emphasizing on the importance of happiness, health, and financial well-being with an ultimate aim to help people lead a life that is both prosperous and filled with joy.


Aligning his mission with the Hon’ble Prime Minister’s vision of Atmanirbhar Bharat (self-reliant India) and taking concrete steps to support this vision. Actively working to support the vision of self-reliance and economic empowerment while encouraging individuals and groups to have ambitious and aspirational dreams including not only ordinary people but also to established businessmen helping them succeed in their ventures. His Joy of giving mission involves encouraging successful individuals and businesspeople to contribute their time and resources to help others in need which is conducted on the fourth Saturday of every calendar month providing a structured and consistent approach to giving back to the community with 300-500 community member actively involved making this mission a success.


To bring back our old and forgotten traditions of India, have started a school at Satara where education is free and students are also taught about Indian traditions and cultures. His next goal is to establish a Divine University at Lonavala to teach and train students and elders about our forgotten cultures.

He was carrying out these activities in physical, The corona pandemic forced people to change their mindset and education now became online. He is not well known in the digital market, and now is entering the new arena with an intensified mission of reaching to larger crowd.

What People Say

Uses spirituality to enhance the delivering of motivational messages for those who are in search of a better life

Life took a new turn after attending mano ya na mano. completely cured various health issues due to Parkinson syndrome with the help of healing technques.
Mr Anant Bhalekar, President of Maharashtra Vyapari peth
Hotel business was in our family. But it was going on in the traditional way. After coming in contact with Khamkar sir, there was a huge change in the vision of doing business. He plays a major role in spreading the taste of Hotel Ballaleshwar's dishes far and wide.
Mr.Vijay Gawde, Ballaleshwar group
The meditations taught in Inner journey is really powerful and as many people should benefit from it. I have shown power of meditation to about 27-28 people by charging the mobile with just hands and even the non-believers were amazed.
Dr Aseemkumar Jain, Chief engineer,Nuclear power corporation
There was disbelief in the begninng but Mano ya na mano really helped me treat many patients. A patient's failed kidney started working 95% after healing.You have to believe in miracles.
Dr Yogesh Tandel, Radiologist and Ultrasonologist